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The Spirit in the Trees is a small game where you take on the role of a forest spirit. After a terrible fire, the humans left behind no longer believe in you and have given in to sadness and despair. Only one remaining believer has not given up hope and is still trying to plant seeds. 

Encourage the humans by performing miracles to help the plants grow: trees will increase the health of the forest, while flowers help to motivate those that pass by them. 



  • Click the left mouse button to advance the intro story
  • Hold down the left mouse button to use your spirit power to grow plants and impress people nearby
  • The blue spell marker indicates your remaining power and the range of your growth miracle


This game was made for the Wholesome Game Jam 2020 over the course of roughly two days. For half of the team, this was their first game jam. The theme was "Don't Give Up!" and our team name was Twice Baked.


Ally Overton - Art

Kyla Fury - Design & Narrative

Alex Kreitzberg - Programming

Jackie Kreitzberg - Production & Misc Support

Additional Credits
"Desert After Rain" by Eric Matyas
and select sound effects

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder. Open the folder and double click "The Spirit of the Trees.exe" to run the game.


The Spirit in the Trees.zip 30 MB


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A very relaxing experience with the lush colors and the soothing soundtrack. I also liked the short story of it and incorporating the theme by encouraging someone other than the player to not give up.


Thank you! I'll be honest we found the prompt a little strange because "don't give up" is a concept in most games. We were also not sure how we wanted to incorporate failure in a wholesome way (not that failure can't be wholesome.)

Anywho, we got really excited when we had the idea to encourage something or somebody else to not give up, "Puppy up the stairs, little brother through a skill, etc." 

We settled on this idea, hoping to convey a sense of satisfaction.